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Weed Control & Fertilizer Programs

Weed Control & Fertilizer Programs

It’s Always greener on the other side…

We at Labrecque Landscaping and Property Services (LLPS), are not only committed to creating a beautiful landscape for you, but also help you in maintaining it for a longer period of time. We offer weed control and fertilizer programs for this purpose.

We suggest a premium package which consists of four fertilizer applications that will be applied every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the year. Weed control applications are sprayed to manage the dandelions and other notorious weeds that take over the lawn. Weed control is provided in between visits, which is a system proven to work. We also offer Aeration services.



Liquid Fertilizer – The Nutrient content is identical in every drop of liquid fertilizers. It promotes optimum growth as well. Watering the grass is not required.


Granular Fertilizer – Our granular fertilizer service uses slow release technology ensuring your lawn is supplied with essential nutrients that helps promote optimum growth.

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