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Commercial and Residential Landscaping

Commercial and Residential Landscaping

Are you after the best looking property on the block and don’t know where to start? We can help! Labrecque Landscaping and Property Services (LLPS) can construct a design and a blueprint to fit every detail imaginable and make it a reality. We offer free consultations and will contact you as soon as we can.

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Services we provide include: final grade, repair jobs, decorative rock, commercial decorative mulch, diamond edging, sod, water features, retainer walls, pavers, inspections, …

We get permits and we can landscape any job BIG OR SMALL.

We work with home-builders, home owners or any businesses that needs to have a well maintained property. We also have contractors who will perform all contracting work inside and out. Please feel free to contact us for more information on these services.


Greenery & Sod

We have the knowledge to make sure the right tree or plants are planted. There are thousands of greenery to choose from, depending on climate zones, colors, sizes and seasonal bloom. Other plants thrive off each other or against each other. Every detail is important. We buy our sod from local suppliers to support local business and make sure the product we use is healthy and will last a long time.

Decorative Rock & Mulch

We use good quality products to ensure long term satisfaction. We have multiple suppliers to offer variety and greater selections. Rock and or mulch is a great filler. We also have done projects for commercial properties to ensure their business is the best one on the block. There are several value added services/products that we can offer from ornaments, flowers/trees or stones to create a lasting impression.

Retaining Wall

We offer curved, straight or tiered retaining walls using various materials of different colors and sizes to make the perfect retaining wall for you. A retaining wall can be used to prevent water damage or perhaps you want another tier on your property to emphasize a featured area.

Final Grade

When purchasing a house, whether or not it's in a new subdivision or an existing home, we can come in and grade the property for future landscaping. We make sure our properties pass inspection. A proper grade and slope will prevent damage to your home and property.

Paving Stone

Pavers are meant for borders, walkways, and patios. Pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Paving stone walkways or patios will provide a nice accent to your home.


Instead of a modern deck or poured concrete, consider a patio made out of stone which is sturdy and very durable, just ask the Romans. There is a variety of stones we can use (blocks, slabs, tile stones) with different colors to keep the overall contrast of your patio. Once the stone is laid, we apply polymeric sand to seal the patio.

Landscaping Gallery

Landscaping Gallery